Indian tours

Incredible, hospitable and beauteous are the words that best describe India. This culturally rich land showcases a plethora of colourful facets. India is a harmonious blend of varied cultures, customs, religions and traditions. It sets the perfect example of “Unity in Diversity”.

Enveloped by the mighty Himalayan ranges in the north and edged by limitless stretch of golden beaches, India is a flamboyant kaleidoscope of landscapes, misty mountain retreats and much more. This enrapturing country boasts of a diverse topography that blesses it with a myriad of attractions including natural and man-made. India is an abode of stunning natural wonders, exotic wildlife and glorious heritage and amazing festivities.

While in India, you have a plenty of options for tourism that will make your holiday in India truly memorable. Kerala – A home to spectacular beaches & backwaters; Rajasthan – the Royal Land of heritage monuments; Goa – the happening land of Sun, Sand, Surf & Sea; Agra – the abode of Taj Mahal; Kashmir – the Heaven on the Earth; Himachal Pradesh – A charming & captivating state are some prominent travel destinations in the county. These destinations are worth visiting and attract tourists & holiday makers from across the world.

Tourists embarking on India tours have an excellent opportunity to enjoy unique cultural, regional, natural and geographical diversities. Owing to its diversity, India has become one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. India serves as an abode of tourist delights. Be it wildlife tour, cultural tour, religious tour or backwaters or beaches tour, India tourism offers it all. Tourists can choose from a variety of India travel packages, that suits them best.
In fact, India, being an exceptionally prosperous country houses something for every visitor in its store. It never fails to allure its visitors. It offers you a plethora of tourism attractions and interesting tourist places. Being a prime tourist destination, India also offers outstanding tourist facilities in forms of different resorts, hotels and guest houses.

Visa to India

Norwegian citizens(and many other nationalities) who are travelling to India for Tourism purposes are entitled to an E-Visa. Please refer the following link for requirements and conditions.

The visitors need to apply and obtain the visa on their own at least three weeks before the travel date.

India, Nepal

Golden Triangle and Nepal

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Indian Tours

South India Enlightenment

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Indian Tours

Essence of Kerala

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North India

Ranging from the Himalayas to the Seven Sisters, Northern India is going to be an enlightening trip. The historic monuments of the golden triangle to the temples of Haridwar, from the scenic Manali to the cosmopolitan cities, this trip will be a true feast for your eyes and soul. Lakes, temples, world wonders, Strawberry fields, wineyards, wildlife and what not? Overall a North Indian tour is going to be an extravaganza. Not to mention, the views are stunning and so are the people. Be it a solo trip or a family tour, India is the “go-to” spot.

South India

From the temples of Hampi to the sandy beaches of Goa, from the scenic beauty of Kerala to the heritage buildings of Tamil Nadu that speak for themselves, southern India can be infectious to your soul. The traditions and varied cultures will never fail to get you awestruck. This along with the scenic beauty makes India one of the must-go vacation spots on your bucket list. Also, the variety of cuisines add a special delight.The seafood of Kerala, spices of Andhra, tea from the Nilgiris – every city of the Southern India has a lot to offer to your taste buds. You can shop the handloom silk from Kanchipuram, flick some great recipes from Andhra, and get yourself a rejuvenating spa from the land of Ayurveda – Kerala. All you have to plan is what to wear, for everything else from travel to place of stay and the best of all food will be taken care of by us.

Indian Islands

Indian Islands – Andaman and nicobar, Lakshwadeep. The beaches, ideal settings and tropical cuisines are going to give you a plunge of adrenaline rush. Stretching between Myanmar and Indonesia, the white sand, mangroves and the tropical rainforests is the perfect nature’s therapy. This great island with a subset of multiple islands is truly worth exploring. Oh its not just the beaches, the parks and sanctuaries attract the trekkers too. The Lakshadweep island is not a walk in the park, but the coral reefs are worth the effort. From the mosques to the aquariums, the beauty of this place is showcased with elegance. What are you waiting for? “Ocean air, salt in the hair, we’ll take you there”